Best Firewall?

3 years 5 months ago #7 by doc
Best Firewall? was created by doc
Hey guys,

I was just wondering if you had suggestion for a good firewall either Software or appliance... I am looking for something decent for the house but I want more than the regular "D-Link" or "Linksys" router. Not too expensive obviously but I am open to pay to get something good.


-= With great power comes great electricity bill ... Especially in Ontario! =-

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2 years 3 months ago #9 by idscomm
Replied by idscomm on topic Best Firewall?

This is a good question, to a point where it's almost impossible to give you a definite answer. They're many great Firewall out there, you just have to find what best fit your needs.

First, open source or paid? Software or Hardware? Brand?

If you consider open source, I bet Google will be helpful, just try something like "Best Open Source Firewall", you should see stuff like PfSense, Untangle, IPCop, IP Fire etc.

If you have $$ or if you consider commercial products, you still have many options, either hardware or software. Personally I like Barracuda, Check Point and heard good things about Fortinet and WatchGuard.

You'll have to try some product and find which one suits you need, it's always fun to work with Firewall... my little joy (although it can be frustrating sometimes lol)

Hope this helps.

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