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Home Network

Over the years after setting up many Networks, most Network Administrators build and organize their own personal Network differently from the general public. Either by doing it over the top (as seen by many end user) or by using specialized / commercial grade equipment which are not usually used by the end user because of its complexity. I always loved working on my personal local area network (LAN).  I try to be organized, cleaned and as functional as I can, using my past experience to optimize and setup my own LAN. I moved a few times, that's unfortunate because I had to start all over again which is a lot of work if you consider all the wiring involved but I finally came with a decent setup (in my opinion).

After working long hours wiring the house, configuring the switches, servers, firewalls etc. and also making sure everything was done "properly" but also neat and visually appealing I decided to share with you the final result (no more major updates or changes planned).  This setup reflects the best of my knowledge, in no way I am claiming to be a "know it all" or even an expert.  

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